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I have a desktop running WIndows XP Pro SP2 and also a laptop w/windows xp pro SP1... but are connected via dlink airport extreme wireless router.

I cannot SEND EMAIL through Microsoft Outlook, but I can receive it.

I disconnected the router and connected cable modem to my desktop and still can't receive email...

When I do a test email... it just stalls out and says stmp server timeout.

Thinking it's the Windows Firewall or Norton Anti-Virus blocking something.

Any thoughts on what I can do to SEND EMAIL...
I just got a Dell Dem 3850 w/Norton running Live Updates

I've tried removing Norton- reinstalling- no luck
I have to have the WIndows XP Pro Firewall disabled so I can receive email- if I turn it on- I can't send or receive.

Thanks for the help.... I've got days into this already to no avail
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