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Windows XP-PC Problem??

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To anyone who may be able to help, cause this one has got me stumped.
I am using Windows XP pro (with sp1) and have a Celeron 700 with 512 mb of ram running at 133mhz. i have 3 hard drives and 1 burner (all ide,no scsi) and a power supply that isn't even a year old.
recently, i got blaster virus, but patched it, and it hasn't given me those shut down problems since. however, there have been several other problems since.
first of all, my hard drive (primary slave, maxtor 8gb) is constantly making a noise like it is running in intervals of seconds. basically, it sounds like a noisy clock that "ticks" the seconds away. it is not accessilbe
and sometimes isn't detected during "post". whether or not it detects, it still is not accessible when i enter "my computer" or anything else to try to detect it. i.e (safe mode, etc).
i thought it might be a power supply problem so i switched the power connectors around, and now my secondary master hard drive (maxtor 15gb bought a year ago) is acting up. it will detect some of the time, but not all of the time. when IT does detect though, it IS accessible, as opposed to the other hard drive (the primary slave) which can't be accessed at all whether it detects or not. it also doesn't tick, or sound rather like its running like a clock.
another problem that has been occuring since this hard drive problem arrived is that my computer has been freezing a lot lately, and i noticed in task manager that my "system idle process" is running constantly at 95, 96 97, 99 percent under "cpu" column. could this be related. then just today, i tried to load a game that was located on my secondary master hard drive and it gave me this error with "AUTORUN" in the title bar:
"Win16 subsystem doesn't not have enough resources to run this application" or something like that. is this related too.
then, after rebooting, my computer only detected one drive, my primary master. now my cd burner drive (secondary slave) won't detect. i reboot again, and now my secondary master won't detect again, and on and on.
sorry for being so detailed and typing a novel, but can sombody please help me with this???

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first of all this isnt the first problem i have seen of a computer fixed from a blaster infection. i would try other fixes for this virus . also hit alt conrtol delete once and check if something unusuall is running or run highjack this.

if you cannot find anything if it were me i woul reinstall but that suggestion will get blasted later on by other people.

a side note celerons are weak. not enough cach memory, and basically they are pentiums that were made wrong so intel made them cheaper and sold them try getting the best pentium for you mobo. it should be real cheap no more than 30$. you will see a big differance
Hey buddhafabio, I was thinking the same thing. With 3 hdds, hopefully ozarkboy, you have the data on another drive...looks like you are at the point of diminishing returns...
"a side note celerons are weak. not enough cach memory, and basically they are pentiums that were made wrong so intel made them cheaper and sold them"

who told you this.......
i forget where i heard/read this, techtv screensavers maybe? or popular mechanics, i dunno i wish i could rembemer.
Surely The Mighty Intel Corporation would not do this .... LOL.
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