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Windows Xp Log On Password

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Can't access windows \ computer boots up to windows logon screen and asks me to pick name to log on as but there is no names to log on as\ when i HIT CONTOL ALT DELETE twice it bring up a log in box with my name and password but some else put password in and they can't remember it \ I tried typing in the name administrator and it tells me that ,that is not availiable for this profile. I can't even get to the windows screen to change the password in the user accounts. I think is what I'm looking for is in the DOS command line C:\>??????????????????????


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If the system did have an admin password that is not blank, send me an e-mail and I'll let you know of some free 3rd party software that will allow you to reset any user's password. Not sure if it's ok to put the information in this forum. Just needed to use this today when someone forgot both their user and admin passwords. Only takes a few minutes to run and fits on a floppy.
In the past, posting the information for the software to reset the password was frowned upon. Has this policy changed? Otherwise I would have mentioned it far earlier.
Glad that's ok to do and now I can post the links directly instead of asking people to e-mail first.

That software works great and you can't beat the price.
I've used it with just the administrator's account, one additional user, or many users. Never had any problems.

It should give a list of all the user accounts and then prompt for which one you want to change.

You many need to manually enter in the actual location of the config directory. I think the default is \windows\system32\config. Sometimes it may be \winnt\system32\config
So with WindowsXP you were able to log on with no user account or password and have full Admin rights? That would be an amazing default security hole. Has anyone else been able to do this.
So my suspicions and concerns were in line with the folks that keep up the site. That's why I didn't post the link to the web site that allows you to hack NT passwords. You might want to let the person know that actually did post that info.
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