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First of all, before listing out the problems, let me say that all these problems occurred after a BSOD!

1- Task Manager only shows in Tray

I can't view the window, and can't close it and it stays there, also causes the system to go slow and unstable.

2- System Configuration (MSCONFIG) Boot tab problem

When I open the Boot tab, I noticed everything got erased, and I can't edit anything, it's like being locked.

3- Startup and Recovery

Almost same problem as the System Configuration, Default system drop down list doesn't show anything, I'm sure it got erased.

4- Checking Disk for errors

I wanted to check the disk for errors, but it doesn't work at all, after I click on both check boxes, the window closes, without saying that I need to restart the laptop to so it can start to check, but I restarted manually, and I got an error saying something like ( Cannot Autocheck RAW drive ).

More Infos:

Every time I boot up the laptop, I get a Boot Configuration screen, that I have to choose either: Acer eRecovery or Windows Vista Basic

I scanned the system for viruses and spywares, nothing detected.

I did a CCleaner registry fix, I got over 700 of errors to fix, I fixed all, nothing helped. (Mostly they were Photoshop keys errors)

I tried going into safe mode to see if the Task manager will appear, it didn't and it stays in the tray.

The "Cannot autocheck RAW drive" error ALWAYS appears while booting.

And of course System restore didn't store any restore points.

System Specs:

Acer Aspire 4710
Windows Vista Basic
Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz 533 MHz 2MB L2 Cache

Hijackthis log file attached


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Go here and follow these instructions.

If above does not work for you then do the following
uninstall your antivirus.
Boot your vista dvd and choose upgrade
this will fix your windows....this doesnt mess up many of your application as it did with a windows repair with xp
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