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My Specifcations
Windows Vista 32 bit
2.6 Ghz AMD Athalon 64x
3.5 Gbs DDR2 RAm
512 MB Nvidia Geforce 9600 Video Card
300 GB Hard drive with 100 free GBs

As the title points out, my computer has become extremely slow within the span of a month. I have had this hardware for a good year and a half now and have never had any problems with speed. My computer is well equipped to run many many many things at once without choking at all. But now....!

I can't open Microsoft word without waiting five minutes for the thing to respond.It takes a good 10 minutes to boot.Everything winds up "Not Responding". Even as I type this to you now, Mozilla Firefox is having a bit of trouble registering the text that I am typing.
I've also noticed one detail that I think may be interesting. My computer usually go bonkers when I start it up. I used to be able to hear what I believe was my harddrive humming like a miniature table saw. Now, I rarely ever hear the comforting hum that tells me my PC is hard at work.

The only significant event that has happened to me recently was a recent failed "Genuine Windows Vista" test. I'm not so sure how this failure occured since my machine came with windows vista, but, nonetheless, it did.

I run disk defragmenter, CCleaner, Spybot S&D, and Adaware regularly enough, and I always have so as to maintain fine tuned PC. I have even gone through some of the Vista tune-ups to disable un needed services. Nothing has worked, and my computer still runs slower than a PC with half of the strength mine has.

Any Help and Suggestion would be much appreciated

Thank You,

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