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Windows Update

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-Does "Repair IE6......" Take care of "security" problems I hear so much about? I do this (repair) often, whenever a freeze occurs, or when I just don't like how it's running.
-At windows update I resisted because it appeared that IE6 it's self was being re-installed. Then I went ahead and a one minute update turned into one hour. I think it did install 6.
VERSION SHOWS 6.0.26.the rest, zeros did I read here that these numbers mean no update s installed, even with all that time looking like it !?
P.S. The page seems to want to do the same update every time I check the update page.
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This is what it should look like with the latest update installed:


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Thanx for the visual. My numbers now approximate those on the jpeg.

I found a "continue update" shortcut on my messy desktop.
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