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Windows Update Won't work in XP

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Does anyone know why or how I can fix it???
I need to get the service pack1. But can because the
updater won't run at all.
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hmmm . . . strange :confused:

Try going to in your IE browser instead.
That didn't work either
Check the date/time on your system. If it's too far off, Windows Update chokes.
most common problems are security settings too high and not accepting cookies
I'll go to my browser and click on Windows Update OR go to the web site and when scan for updates comes up,I click on it and it just sits there and doesn't do anything????

Are you using any sort of proxy server or ad killing software?
Nope I JUST installed XP.
I don't have anything on here yet.
Not even a service pack as I mentioned
I also notice I can't seem to upgrade Win media player from v8.0?!?!?

It keeps saying:

The Windows Media update notifier is currently unable to detect avaliable updates.Please try again later.

Hmm what could it be.
my sisters computer has the same problem is a brand new dell. i checked all security settings etc and everything is ok.........i have come to the conclusion i will have to try and repair IE. but its not an easy thing to do in XP
I never thought of that!!!

I just had some success though
I was able to get Win Media Player 9 from the
web site. For some reason I couldn't update it
from Win Media Player 8???

I'm still having trouble with the updater???
Why dont you just get the sevice pack1 from other site (like the downlod music type)
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