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Windows Start problem

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A full blue screen comes up with this message

A Fatal Excetion OE has occurred A002:Co2A27A8
VXD VWIN 32(05)000 1200
The current Application will be terminated
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Do a on-line virus scan at

Likely but not positively ,you've got too much running at startup.

Check your available resources by right-clicking My Computer; clicking Properties; Click the Performance tab. Resources available are displayed as percent there at top. Check it when you get done running the System Configuration Utility mentioned below.

Click the Start button; Run; type 'msconfig', without the quotation marks, in the Run box and click OK; Then click the Startup tab; Uncheck anything you don't need running in the background. For reference on what's not needed running in the background in the System Configuration Utility, view this website first and print out the list:

It's important that you print out the above mentioned list. The site provides a printer friendly link.

In the System Configuration Utility (SCU), you can uncheck programs you suspect one at a time and restart your computer. If something doesn't work right, you can always go back into the SCU and re-check it and restart your computer via the Start button. The changes are completely reversible by re-checking an item in SCU or by selecting Normal Startup under the General tab in the SCU and all the programs listed run when Windows starts as it was before you started.
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Get and run Hijack This, scan and post the log here. Run HJT, click Scan Now and then click Save Log. Copy and paste the log contents here in a reply to this post.
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