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Windows open in 'restore down' mode

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At the top right hand corner of all widows there are 3 buttons - Minimise, Close and the one in the middle. In all my years of computing I've never used it - I didn't even know what it did! Hovering the pointer over it tells me it is called 'Restore down'.

The point of all this is that a couple of days ago, all my internet windows started opening as a little blue oblong - basically a mini version of the blue bar that stretches across the top of all windows (sorry - I don't know the technical term for it) instead of full page as normal. This mini bar is what you get when you click on the 'Restore down' button.

So, to get to the point, my internet windows are opening in 'Restore down' mode instead of full screen. How do I get back to full screen?
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If it is a single box, just click on it to restore to full screen again or double click on the title bar.
For reasons known only to Microsoft programmers, IE opens in the size and position used by the last secondary window that was closed. I don't know how it got to the state you're describing but the following steps will probably fix it:

1. Open IE
2. Open a link in a new window
3. Resize that secondary window to the way you want it
4. Close the original window (a critical step for this to work)
5. Close the secondary window

Future IE windows should open to the size and position of that secondary window.
Thanks Miz, that worked a treat.
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