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"Windows not Genuine" error

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Haven't had this problem before now I'm getting the error below everytime I reboot. I can no longer download windows updates. Windows XP came with my PC.

This copy of Windows is not genuine
You may be a victim of software counterfeiting. The Windows product key installed on this computer is not genuine.
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This speaks of excessive use of Volume Licence Keys

Had a similar issue last year. Long thread here

Dell eventually supplied me with a full Microsoft XP Home CD and then with a new licence key sticker. A large box that would have held a DVD drive turned up. All that it contained was the actual licence key sticker itself. New Licence key matched the XP Home installation CD Dell had sent me. Problem solved. I will not howwever be the only one.

I've since advised numerous people to check that the licence key of their actual XP installation matches the Licence Key of the label stuck on the machine.

Belarc Advisor
Magic Jelly Bean Finder
Si SoftSandra

Find the actual Licence Key on your machine using these. I doubt if it will match the sticker on the machine.

Believe me when you are trying to re-install XP on two new hard drives Western Digital to replace Maxtors This seriously spoilt a complete weekend.

I was less than happy to discover that the Licence Key from the label stuck on the side of my tower could not be used.

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