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Windows Mellenium

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Again, I have another computer I'm working on.

Here is the scenario:

Brand New HP running windows mellenium.

Computer comes on and hangs at the ME screen.
It will load into safe mode.
When it hangs at the ME screen and you press ctrl+alt+del to reboot, the computer sometimes displays the following message:

"Not enough Memory to load Windows
or not enough free space on swap drive"

The drive is a 30 gig. And its only using about 5 of it. So out of options, i fdisked the computer. And ran the recovery cd. Still it hangs at the ME screen. Any Ideas?
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If it is occuring after a complete restore, I would have to suspect that it is not seeing all the ram it needs. You might want to try replacing or reseating sticks.

A standard installation shouldn't cause such issues, but you can try some clean boot troubleshooting techniques to see if it is related to anything loading at startup.
hmmmm!....... lonesome,you say your hdd is 30gigs and the system is using about 5 of it........but the "MEMORY"windows is talking about is your ram.
ME uses quite a lot of ram,also if you have on-board graphics that takes another chunk,so if your only on 32 megs of ram,thats the cause....."NOT ENOUGH MEMORY TO LOAD WINDOWS"......if im barking up the wrong pole here im sorry.....but you werent too specific with your system specs,we can only advise as we see.
good luck:rolleyes:
The system has 128 MB.

I have reseated the sticks, and also tried new ones. This computer is fairly new. But i dont think its under warranty. :(

Just out of curiousity i tried to hook up a different hard drive to the machine. I believe it was a 4 GB. And during the 98 startup, it began to detect all the motherboard resources in the computer. Normal, so far....

It then hung at a device "something Bus management"

I cannot really remember. However, I wasnt 100 % sure that the testing drive was a good Hard Drive. I'm starting to believe that the hard drive in this machine is bad. I dont know that for sure, but i have tested nearly everything else.

Other ideas?
make sure that you have uptodate Video drivers, especially for Via cards.
WinMe article

Make sure that your swap file is being controlled by Win's, and that you haven't set a fixed amount.
Go to system properties, click on the 'performance' tab, then click on the Virtual memory button on the bottm right.

system properties can be opened quickly by:
pressing and holding the windos key, then pressing the pause/break key at the top of the keyboard.

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This is an HP straight from the company, and I have ran the recovery disk. Other ideas?
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