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windows media player> packaged my content

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for some reason, windows media player like packaged 12 of my mp3's... i burned them on to a cd format and then recopied them back into another computer.. and when i tried to use find album info, it tries to set the same album to all of the tracks. like track one is supposed to tbe marroon5- harder to breath, and track 2 is suposed to be missy elliot-work it.. but if i click just on maroon5, and select find album info, it finds the "songs about jane" album and tries renaming harder to breath to the first track in that, and work it the second track in that.

could i have possibly copy-protected the music or something like that while burning a cd? is there a way of getting around that?
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As a law abiding site, we're not allowed like, to give help/advice on
1 - downloading music across p2p networks from other users
2 - removing copywrite protection so music can played on another computer, assuming the music was yours in the first place. If the music wasn't bought by you, I refer you back to point 1.
3 - Picking from a list/poll of file sharing software to make any of the above easier, thereby giving the impression it's condoned.

We don't make the laws and life's a bum eh?
What's your next question gonna be
'How to rob a bank?'
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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