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Windows Media Player (No Audio)

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My system runs Windows ME and I downloaded Windows Media Player 9 a while back. I liked it and it was working totally fine, but now I can't see to get it to play any audio. The picture displays and no error messages pop up and yes my speakers are on. My other movie players can play the movies just fine. My DIVX player sometimes crashes due to some C++ error, but I'm not worried about that one. I also have an Elecard Movie Player and that works just fine too, but I want my Windows Media Player 9 To be able to playback movies fine and for that I need it to have audio. If anyone can help me fix this windows media player problem or find a way so that My DIVX player doesn't crash when I play a movie, that'd be sweet and oh yes, happy holidays once again! If you need any more info on my prob please post.
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Try reinstalling Windows Media Player.
Ok I tried that and here's an update, it still does not play sound but I can play movies perfectly with the older version of windows media player. Why is that? I uninstalled the new one and reinstalled with a completely new download and it still does not work. Can anyone make my holidays a lil brighter?
Try installing the latest version of DirectX.

Also see this:;en-us;265523

And go here:;EN-US;kbhowto&sd=GN&ln=EN-US&FR=0

enter Windows Media Player in "Select an MS Product" and then put in "no audio" with the highest limit on the amount of articles and browse through those to see if you can find the problem. It is really a process of elimination. You can try some other searches like "no sound" or "video only", etc.

I would try to play a number of different formats and see if you have the problem with all of them. It may be just one format, which would help you narrow down the problem.
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My Windows media Player 9 Can play all formats with the exception of sound. It can play avis, mpgs, etc.., Its just that there is no sound. I have an older version of windows Media Player and that works just fine. I'll try that Direct X install but I doubt if it'll work. Thanks For the help.
Its always good to have the latest DirectX anyway, so you're not wasting effort by installing the latest.

The other thing to try is see if there is an update for the drivers for your sound card. And try uninstalling Media Player (both versions) first and then reinstalling Media Player.
I would just like to know if the people posting advice on the WMP 9 problem as defined by CodeShark have actually installed it themselves and have it working perfectly including .avi files and sound.

I ask this not because I want to start a flame war but because I too have installed WMP 9, which is only available in Beta at the moment, and have found that whilst it plays audio files OK but as soon as I get it to play .avi, or DivX files it promptly and politely apologises saying it has encountered an error and must close down. This happens every time and even after installing DirectX 9.

Any suggestions but only from those who have WMP 9 Beta working as it should.
I don't Version 9 installed because I don't install BETA versions for this very reason. But the basic trouble shooting shouldn't vary regardless of whether its a BETA or an older version. There obviously may be some registry hack or other tip that comes up for a specific version, but that will be tougher to find.

So, for you Mahmud, I suggest you just ignore any recommendations I make or anyone else that doesn't have 9 installed and maybe someone who has it installed and working properly will give you a tip. But I don't think you should ask that only those that have it working respond to this thread. As such, I would recommend that anyone that has a suggestion for CodeShark go ahead and post it here.
Thanks for your comments Mulder. Still waiting for some assistance.
Please, no post battles on my thread. I'm just lookin for a lil help.
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