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Windows Media Player 10 and DRM

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I am using Windows XP Professional Edition and Windows Media 10
I recently updated the XP Sp2 and my Windows Media from version 9 to 10.

I have been downloading music from buymusic for some time and
have quite a few songs in my media library along with other songs that I
have burn from my own CDs.

All of a sudden yesterday, the ones I downloaded from buymusic won't play. All of the others will though. Just the ones I have downloaded.
I even tried downloading a new one and it would'nt play either.
The error details say:
Windows Media Player cannot play, synchronize, or burn a protected file because an error occurred while verifying the license.
I have been search the internet to try and find out why licenses are gone?

This is the error message I get once I updated windows media to 10.
It wasn't working on version 9 and had a similiar error code, but said that I
need the updated security and to update to the latest service
pack for my internet explorer, which I did. I also updated to wm 10
hoping that that would solve the problem.
I read about a similiar problem on this forum, but nothing has helped so far.
It just seems that my system has lost the digital licenses needed to play
these songs or my system no longer knows where to go to verify the licenses.
Anyway... any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Do you install all the other Windows updates, especially those under the Optional category when doing the custom scan? There was a DRM update/patch released to address similar issues.

In Windows Media Player, if you go to Tools - Manage Licenses do you get an error? If so click on Help and it should take you to the download.
Do you get any error codes, especially when you go to Manage Licenses and try to backup/restore the licenses?
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