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Windows ME locks

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I just upgraded to Windows ME recently from Windows 98SE and now I have problems with Windows ME intermittently locking up.

My install of Windows ME was a clean install, i.e. format c: then setup. I did not have any problems with the install. I also don't see any errors when Windows ME locks up. The problem happens intermittently when I am using any application by itself or have other applications opened. When this happens I am forced to reboot (can't even CTRL-ALT-DEL and end the task).

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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ME is a downgrade in my opinion, but here goes. Go to control panel and look for any device conflicts and also loopk at the performance tab to see if aything is running in DOS compatibility mode. Download the latest device drivers for all your hardware and go from there.
I concur Rockn.

Updated drivers are definitely needed - especially after a new install.

(Either that, or go back to Win98 SE!):D
Thanks for the suggestions!

I checked in my device manager and I do not have any conflicting devices. Also, nothing is running in DOS mode.

I am downloading device drivers now.
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