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Windows based EXE Software converted into APK for Android

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Is there

I have tried using software product available at www. but it is not showing what is mentioned on web page
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Look at this page
on a Windows computer.


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I have already installed this software on my Windows 7 laptop. As depicted I already installed GIMP 2.8.10 Vrsion, but when I click the destination folder the indication bar continues to progress , but my EXE application file is not selected from the folder it exists on my hard drive and no conversion takes place t all, This appears to be fake software

Have you tried yourself, plz check and revert me.

KIndly reply early as I need converted file at earliest
I have no need of the software so there is no reason for me to try it.

So you want to install Gimp on an Android device?

You might try something from the googleplay store
[/b]Please note the requirements[/b]: Your android device needs 1.8GB of space for the install.
You need a mouse, stylus or a 10" Android device to use this.
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