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Windows and memory

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Hi, im not sure whether this question belongs in memory or OS, anyway, here goes. I have just bought some more RAM for my comp. I have an AMD K7 motherboard, 750 MHz Duron processor and currently run on 128 MB SDRAM PC133 on windows 98. The Ram I bought was 128 SDRAM, PC133, the same stuff. After I put the new RAM in and restart my computer I get the error message "Problem intializing CONFIGMG, Windows protection error, you need to restart your computer" When I restart windows it will only boot in safe mode. Just before it boots into windows there is a message at the bottom of the screen saying "HIMEN is testing extended memory......done." I dont know a great deal about computers but im guessing that this means the BIOS has recognised my extra memory, but its windows that is having a problem with it. I have also been through the windows memory troubleshooter and non of it works. My mainboard manual says that it will recognise extra memory up to 768 RAM, I have tried about everything I know, can anyone please help me? :(
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Hello buzz21!

It is possible to get bad RAM. Have you tried removing the new RAM and starting the computer with the original RAM? IF it starts ok then the new RAM may be faulty. Now try taking out your original RAM and inserting only the new one. Does it work? If they work on their own but not together then there is probably a compatibilty problem.


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Hi Jim, thanks for the speedy reply :) I have tried that also, when I try it with the new memory my computer wont even boot up :-( Does this mean the RAM is bad? Or is it a windows problem? Or have I bought the wrong RAM?
Hello again:

Are you saying that it wont start with the original RAM "only"?
What is your system telling you is available memory?

Start, programs, accessories, system tools, system info

This will at least let you know if it is recognized.
Try removing the new chip and start
You can also remove both chips, put the new one in the original slot and try that to see if it is the port or the chip.
I tried just about everything, I changed the RAM from PC133 to PC100 and it worked :) The guy at the shop said it was probably because my processor has a bus speed of 100 MHz. I found it quite weird as the original RAM is PC133, thanks for your help guys :)
I've got the same problem (P3/450 AbitBX6/2.0 board with latest BIOS, Win98SE). All SDRAM PC100 or greater running 100 MHz
Originally 256Meg (2x128) Ram worked OK. Added 128Meg more.
Nortons Diagnostic gave a memory error anything above 256Meg.
After 1 month found out this was a Norton's software problem (doesn't work properlyabove 256Meg).
Installed 4x128Meg and tested with a clean DOS boot floppy using DocMemory Ram Diagnostics V1.45A. No problems.
Rebooted to windows and got your "configmg" message.
Removed 128Meg (384Meg still installed). Works perfectly.
Summary: I can't run any more than 384Meg Ram.
I am suspicious that this may be a windows problem, because any combination of ram (128,256,384,512) in ANY slot (my board has 4 slots) checks out OK fom clean DOS boot but will bomb out above 384Meg when windows fires up.
Am currently searching "the world" for everything ever written about memory/OS compatibility.
"You are not alone out there!"
1) If the problem is resolved by removing the new memory, then its being caused by the new memory :)

2) Just because it says 128 pc133 doesnt mean its the same. the size of the chips onboard or whether its double sided matter

There is also the issue of registered vs non registered.

3) PC 133 is SUPPOSED to be backwards compatable but some motherboards are picky.

My suggestion would be to go to a website such as and use their memory configurator to find out EXACTLY what type of memory to use (or even order it from them).

4) Cheap ram causes problems. buy from a well known manufacturer (kingston, crucial, pny, etc)
Thanks for the reply Jtoast,
The problem is that ANY combination of 3 of the 4 chips I have will work perfectly in ANY three of the 4 slots.
Seems to indicate no individual chip problem.
All chips are recognised Hyundai manufacture.
PC133 chips are backward compatible and have worked perfectly well at 100 Mhz on my board for years at 256Meg ram total. They just sit around twiddling their thumbs a bit some of the time.
Microsoft recognise this error message as a Windows problem but relate it to such things as GREATER than 512Mb ram and VCache MaxFileCache settings or Windows flushing the level2 cache etc. I have tried their fixes but they don't work.
Could be a clash between the BIOS and Windows, however my board is 4 years old and has run out of support.
Thanks and keep the suggestions up.
OK try this site when you get the chance. It has a tremendous amount of information on memory conflicts.

I am still thinking of other possible fixes, bb soon
Thanx. I'll have a good read of this site.
As Win 98 runs fairly optimal at 384 Meg, I guess there is no real problem in not being able to get to 512 Meg.
It's actually more of a challenge than a necessity to fix the problem.
That's what's so annoying about computers. They consume too much of your life.
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