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Windows 98 start up problem

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When I turn on my other computer I get a pop up error that when I clcik on it (OK/Close, etc..) it just loops back to that error message and pop ups again. Because of this, I can not use that computer

Here's the wording from the error message:

1) CPUSA.exe - Error message reads: "Can not find the file CPUSAVE.EXE (or one of its components". Make sure the path an file name are correct and that all required libraries are available"

Any ideas on how I can by pass this message, so I can use my computer. I have Add-Ware so once I get to it I can make efforts to clean it up.

Any ideas would be apprecated.

Thanks, Scott L
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can you get to safe mode before windows kicks in?

if you can then you can run it from there.

after you power on or reboot, the self test will beep, at that second you hear it press the f8 key and safe mode should come up.
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