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Windows 98 in Korean?

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Hi folks.I acquired an older computer from someone that I'd like to get going for my 5 year old daughter.There are a lot of programs and other junk I would like to remove.However,all of the language is Korean.I have a copy of Windows I can install.Should I just delete all programs(including the Korean Windows) right off the bat and reinstall English Windows (and if so how do I do that) and start from scratch?Can the language of Windows be changed?I tried going into the control panel/regional and language area but,again,everything is in Korean.I'd like to save some of the programs if they can be converted to English;if not how can I start from scratch?
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Windows in any other language will be Windows in that language.....I have the spanish version, some programs will install in English, some won't.

I'd reformat and start all over.
do you know how to format??

Thats the best way to start from scratch.

If you dont just let me know and i'll try to help.

Thanx Daniel.Yes,it seems that some programs are in English and some are in Korean.I am not sure how to reformat.If you have a chance and can walk me through it ,I'd appreciate it.It's probably easier to reformat than to learn Korean.I don't have the computer in front of me but I'll be home later.
Sorry AcaCandy i never noticed you had already posted a reply.Was doing it in a rush at school.

Anyway, i'm not sure about Korean, but to get into Command Prompt in 98 English tap F8 while its just about to start booting.It should give an option ofbooting in different modes, choose command prompt.

when it gets to C:\ prompt type in front of the C: bit "format" without the speech marks.

This is assuming that the windows you want to format is on the C:\ drive.

Any more problems just ask.This forum is full of people more than willing to share they're expertise!!


P.S i agree it'd be easier to format than use learn Korean lol
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When I get to the C:\> prompt and I type in "format" (no parentheses,no space),it says "required parameter missing". Any thoughts?
Bingo! Thanx you guys.I'm loading Windows "as we speak"!
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