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Windows 8 and Malwarebytes

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Do any of the experts (admin, tech, trusted advisers) know whether or not I should install Mbam on a computer running Windows 8 or does Windows defender do a good enough job that I really dont need it? any suggestions? I have had help from you great and wonderful people cleaning up ad/malware/junk/trojans/ ect.... on two computers recently one running Vista the other windows 7, and I kept a couple of the cleaning programs recommended and so I guess another question is should I put these programs on the windows 8 computer? Nothing is wrong with the computer this is more of precaution than anything else. here are the other programs I am wondering about; Revo uninstaller, ADWCleaner, CCleaner (or TFC), and then Malwarebytes.

Your comments and or suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks :):up:
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Windows Defender of Win 8 only checks for viruses. MBAM checks for other malware. The features do not overlap. I would keep MBAM on Win 8 also.

I think ADWcleaner is updated very often. So your copy of it may be outdated. ( I may be wrong ).

Revo Uninstaller is for removing programs that couldn't be un-installed thru Control Panel > Program and Features. I have used it before, but I don't keep a copy of it - I download the latest version when I need it.
the programs I listed all have update options, really the question im asking, Is there a need for these programs on a computer running windows 8 or is this version of windows good enough not to need them and will they work with windows 8?

For those that do not remember revo uninstaller first uses the program to be uninstalled built in uninstaller then goes back with its uninstaller to get any/all left over bits.

I would obviously be downloading fresh copies from trusted sites I was directed to in previous post from cleaning up the other computers.
Windows Defender is another name for the Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus/malware app that comes built into Windows 8.

These are what I would add and use on a regular basis:


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware


They're all free and do a good job of keeping the malware, spyware, rogues, hijackers, adware trackers, etc. out of a computer.


Temp File Cleaner by OldTimer (TFC) does a good job and makes it easier to locate and delete temp files in one swoop.

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Thank you for the advice
You're welcome. :)

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