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Windows 8.1 Doesn't Boot

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Hello guys!
I am new to the forum and I need help. So I was on my laptop when suddenly I get a BSOD and it tells me to check online for a bad_pool_caller error. After a few seconds it restarted.Once it restarted the Samsung logo comes up and that's it.Usually there are some dots spinning below the Samsung logo, but those do not appear. I tied resetting the BIOS to default but nothing happend. I can not start windows on safe mode. The light that shows when the laptop is processing something does not light up like it usually does, it will but for a few seconds but then it stops.
Excuse me if my english is not perfect :D
Thanks in advance for any help!
PS: If my info was not clear can I upload a video or a photo of my laptop showing the problem?
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1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy

I tied resetting the BIOS to default but nothing happend
How did you try to do this please

3. Full model details please of the Samsung

4. Has the laptop had a knock or jolt
1. Thank you for you warm welcome!
2. I actually copied it because I posted somewhere else for but none helped, I meant I tried to load to system default.
4. Now that you mention it the laptop had a small knock.
If the ram sticks are accessible on a panel on the base
check those are secure
If the hard drive is accessible on another panel - check that is secure

If you are unsure your user manual will likely have the details

It appears from what I read that both ram and hard drive

The hard drive and system memory can easily be reached through the maintenance cover on the bottom.
I am really sorry for my late reply I had alot of internet problems. I do not have the manual and I not sure what to do so I will have someone check it for me. That aside could you tell me if it is possible, if there are other scenarios of my problem?
Thank you alot for the help until now!
yes most certainly on a laptop that has had a jolt there could indeed be other problems
but the first aspect to check is the ram
and the second is the hard drive
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