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Windows 7 stuck in hibernation

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Dell Inspiron N5110
Windows 7

Suddenly, when I attempted to turn on my laptop, it begins to boot, but only gets as far as the Windows screen (states version at the bottom, etc), but goes no further.

We attempted to use an external boot disc, but could not and got an error message that Windows was hibernating/not available.

I was hoping to avoid a reinstall, or to at least make absolutely certain I had backed everything up.

Anyone with ideas?

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What happens if you were to hit the space bar when the machine is going no where?
You may need to wait a few minutes after hitting the space bar and you need to watch the Disk activity light.
If it is flashing, then files just may being copied back to memory.
Do you have a Windows 7 disk that you can try booting into? This would allow us to try some repair options.

See the following link for more details to backup your data
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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