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Windows 7 Not Detecting WiFi

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I just installed Windows 7 on my laptop, and now the internet connection doesn't work. When I go into the Network and Sharing Center, there are only two options instead of the usual 3. They are " ISAACFOX-PC" and "Internet" and there is a line with a red X in between. The router is not located, although it is working on the desktop I am typing this on. Any suggestions? I am using a Netgear NVG150 router.

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Where did you get this copy of Windows 7?

What OS was on this machine before you installed Windows 7?

More information about this machine before this OS install would be helpful.
I got the copy from a torrent, before I had the Windows 8.1 trial version running. It had expired and was starting to act strange.
You need to read the site rules.
We do NOT support illegal software.
Actually I did read the site rules. But I believe in freedom of information. Thank you though.
no help with pirated windows
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