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Windows 10 Unable to Boot from Repair Device

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Hey guys, I’ve had my own machine for over the year and hadn’t had any issues until today when a video game froze all of the sudden. I couldn’t do anything so I had to hard boot my machine but when I turned it back on I would keep getting “Unmountable Boot Volume” BSODs.

This led me to think I screwed something up on my C drive (one with Windows 10), so I made a USB stick with the Windows Installation Tool so I could try to repair my installation. On both the USB stick and an external hard drive that I’ve turned into Installation Tools when I boot into them (setting the boot order so they are first or manually booting into them) I will get the blue windows logo but then my screen will just go black a couple seconds afterwards.

Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong, if I should provide more information or if I should take this post down cuz it doesn’t belong on here.

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Please supply your computer specs. Are you able to boot into safe mode or get to a command prompt?
Motherboard: MSI 970A-G43 Plus
CPU: AMD FX 6300 @ 3.8 GHz
C Drive: Kingston SUV400S37120G (ssd)
Storage: WDC WD10EZEX-60WN4A0

Once I get the BSOD my machine will try to boot into safe mode but the screen will go black shortly and nothings will happen. I can get into the UEFI command prompt if that’s what you mean. I can access my UEFI/BIOS perfectly fine.
What about your video Card? Is it on board or dedicated card and provide make and model. No I mean boot with the Windows 10 USB and select the repair option which will take you to command prompt?
Video card is NVIDIA GTX 1060 3gb

No, when i try to boot to my windows 10 USB or windows 10 external HDD, the windows logo will come up and then the screen will go black shortly. I feel like my C drive is obviously corrupted but do not know why this would affect trying to boot with external devices
Sounds like an issue with your video Card. Can you get to bios and choose you on board video adapter and see if it will boot.
AMD FX cpu’s don’t have in-board graphics so I’m not sure how I could do that.
Has it performed any updates recently or anything changed? Even if your drive is damaged it should boot with a USB or other disk
OK I didn't pay attention to your CPU.
Has what performed any updates? I was playing a game that I had to run some scripts to enable some mods for - that’s the only thing I can think of like that.
Okay I was asking if your computer has performed any update such as drivers or Windows updates. Do you have a way to download and create another USB boot Drive?
Yeah, I could make another one on a different USB. I’ll try with that and let you know.
Download the following utility and create a new USB drive and see if it will work.
The USB that I had would show up as “PMAP” in my bootlist which seems odd to me. I’m not sure if it actually is but I figure I’ll let you know
Not familiar with that. How did you create it? Something is wrong.
I used the tool on the “create windows 10 installation media” page in I will try the tool you sent me though.
I recommend using the following tool to create your USB drives.

Select GPT partition and FAT 32
So I just put that ISO image on my USB, then use the Rufus program to format and create it how you described above?
You will put the ISO file on your computer and point Rufus to the correct location. It will create the Bootable USB drive. Let me know if it works or not
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