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Windows 10 computers Not seeing each other on the network

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Good Morning everyone. I have been dealing with these computers for a week now and haven't made any progress. We have a small network at my office that has a total of 10 computers. 9 of the computers are workstations and the 10th is a "server" of sorts. Not like a traditional server, we just have a drive mapped(which I will also need help with later) in order for files to be stored and easily transferred to the other workstations. All computers are Dell XPS 8930 running Windows 10 Home, 64 bit, build 1809.

The problem I am running in to is that only one or two of the computers are seen on the network. All computers are connected via LAN except for one is on WiFi. One of the LAN connected computers is running straight to the router/modem combo(this is one that is always seen from every computer). The rest of the computers run through a switch. I am currently working with the computer that will serve as the new "server". The old "server" has a mapped drive and is the second computer that is seen in file explorer from all computers on the network. All of these computers are no more than 8 months old and have been installed, replacing their old counterparts, as time has allowed. At one point, I could see all computers, from all computers, through file explorer. However recently, some workstations have begun to drop off the list of available computers in file explorer. I am currently stuck to only seeing one workstation and the old "server" in file explorer from every computer.

I have already run services.msc and changed FDPH to automatic(delayed start). I have also already changed the Windows features SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support to have SMB 1.0/CIFS Client and SMB 1.0/CIFS Server selected. I have done this on all the computers and still no headway. Does anyone know what else I can do to make these computers communicate with each other? I am at my wit's end!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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One thought came to mind. If the computer directly attached to the router is seen Always. And the 9 other computers are on a switch and cannot be seen, then it would seem at first sight that the switch is to blame.

Secondly. SMB 1.0 has a security vulnerability, pose a high risk, and should not be enabled. The WannaCry worm encrypted files on systems rendering them unreadable and spread through the security flaw in SMB 1.0 protocol and did millions of dollars of damage worldwide. The newer SMB protocol works. I guess the old server might depend on that, but after migration, be sure to turn off SMB 1.0
Thank you for the tip! I will disable that on all computers after we try a new switch.
So I have checked the switch and it seems to be working just fine. Also, if the switch was bad, wouldn't the networked computers have issues connecting to the internet? No issues there. I have logged in to my router and I can see all computers that are connected. So it MUST be a setting in Windows that is preventing the computers from seeing each other. Also, when connected to LAN, some computers show one network name(Myspectrumwifi-2G) and others show a different name(Myspectrumwifi-5G). I understand that 2G vs 5G is strictly for WiFi, however these are just the network names listed on the computers connected via LAN. Still, I am lost.
All 10 computers can see the new server, yes ?

It is required for all 10 computers to see each other ?

Computers connected to the 2G will only see other computers connected to 2G. Likewise for 5G. It is like using totally separate cabling for the 2 networks.
I need all the computers to see each other in order to get files from one to the other without having to email or use a flash drive. All can see the old server, but the new server is not seen by any yet. I figured the 2G/5G thing was exactly what you stated, but how can I change to the "other network"?
You can get a 5Ghz capable WiFi USB device, like this one:

Or, you can have a set of folders on the new server, one for each person, to store and transfer files.
I spoke with another friend and he mentioned the folder thing that you just stated. I will try that. My doc does not want to run on the WiFi unless absolutely necessary. Either way, it's kinda ridiculous that all of these computers are the same model and build, but cannot see each other on the same wired network.
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