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Windows 10 Action Center Icon Shows Count - No nofications

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My Windows 10 1809 running a local account will frequently show a new notification icon with a count in the action center. When clicking on the icon, no notifications are visible. I'm assuming it is probably just a Security Center scan notification, but nothings shows up even though there is a count.

I remember this working prior to the update to 1809, but I'm not 100% sure that is when it started, it may have been before or after, but it has worked on 1803.

On other Windows 10 1809 machines with local accounts work as expected. Ideas?
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Maybe it only works if you are on an admin account ?
Sorry, I forgot to mention that I'm using a local administrator account on all of my machines. Regardless all account types should be able to view their notifications. I prefer Microsoft to not know my settings on my PC (at least the ones I can hide), thus the reason I use a local account vs a Microsoft account to login. Some details of a local account are below:

What is a Local Account?
If you've ever signed-in to a home computer running Windows XP or Windows 7 then you've used a local account.

The name may throw off novice users, but it's nothing more than an account to access the computer as a default administrator. A local account works on that specific computer and no others.

Benefits of using a local account:

  • More secure: You can up a complex password that only works on one computer and nowhere else.
  • Private: Your settings and computer usage isn't transmitted to remote servers. Everything is stored locally within just one computer.
  • Internet-indepenent: A Microsoft login requires a connection to the internet to retrieve user settings and preferences.
  • Custom login name: You don't need to use your email address as a login name, so it won't be displayed on the login screen when your screen locks.
Choose a local account if you want to keep your experience like it was on previous versions of Windows. You'll be able to log in, change your settings, install software, and keep your user area separate from others on the system.
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I use a local account too. One advantage I saw was that it won't expose me to password attacks on; if I had an MS account for my admin, attackers can crack the password Before ever touching my machine.

Maybe you disabled Cortana ? What notifications are you missing ?
Yes, I disabled Cortana way back when I installed 1703. I get the icon that shows up with a number, but when I click on it to see the notification it is not there. There is never anything there so I get notified that there is a notification, but when I expand the action center, it is blank and the new notification icon reverts to the no notification icons.
Anyone else have any ideas?
I tried to disable the action center through a registry tweak and re-enable it, but this didn't solve the problem. Other thoughts?
I have uploaded a short mp4 video of the issue if anyone else has seen it or knows how to fix it, that would be great.


Weird, it starting working today. Maybe it was the second Tuesday updates that fixed the issue?
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