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my problem start 2 nite ago when window crash on me and when i pop in
xp cd it gave me the option of format, of which i took, but it formated the
wrong hard drive,
formated the drive with my photo and music on it so now i have 2 window
choise when window start up but one does not work and i can not seen to
find the files that cause it to happen, as it not on D drive C drive
is where window does for me

ok more fact

i install window and most driver and even activtion it, but now
online does not would for me either does phone, have to talk to some
one, i get this note, ( according to our record the number of times you can
activate windows with this product key has been exceeded) i had to phone
in the first time
now it get worst
all was going good on till i install a certain driver, then window when
all funny on me again
i trya sfc /scannow, but i got something every more fun ( the files
that are required for window to run properly have been replaced bu in
recogized ver/to maintain system stabitily window must restore the
original ver of these files/ window file protection/ the cd you provied
is the wrong cd/lease insert windows xp pro cd rom in your cd rom drive)

it useing window xp home upgrade, where does it get ther pro stuff ??
now today a fter re reinstalling
i phone the window activation centre, as online and phone does not work
for me any more, only to find the number i gave do not match my account
so ther will not activate xp
but it all the same compter what gave, i change noting on hardware, just
a lot of software not install yet, and my is a legal copy, with key and
every thing, i even got the small boolet that came with it

when i start the
compter up i get 3 option
microsoft windows XP home ed
microsoft windows XP home ed
miccrosoft recovery console
but if i try to use the one that does Not work i get a black screen with
error (( window could not start becasue the following file is missing
<window root)\system32\hal.dll-please reinstall a copy of file>, here where
it get intering i did a serach for window and system 32, and i found it
only on C d rive, the only thing i did find was recycler and system volume
info, and that a fter i went to d drive and then to tools\folder option/view
and then to hidden files and folder )click) show hidden files and folder
and also unclick hide protected operting system files recommand
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