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window logon

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how can you stop the windows logon box from poping up. wanting you to logon with password before continueing to boot up. I'm runing win.98 and this just started to pop up when I reboot the computer.I never had it happen before,just started by itself.won't let it finish loading until I cancel this window out. I don't have a logon name and password. I just cancel this out and it continues to load. how to you get rid of this window so it won't pop up every time you start the computer. thank you,ron
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There is a program called TWEAKUI from Microsoft at:

that will let you change this as well as many other settings.
To do so, follow these directions.

Click the Start menu, mouse over Settings, then click the control panel.
Double-click the Network icon.
Under "Primary Network Logon," make sure the "Windows Logon" is selected rather than the "Microsoft Network Logon."
Click OK and then click OK again to restart your computer.
When the logon window comes up, enter a name (it doesn't matter what name you pick), leave the password blank, and hit Enter.
When your computer asks you to confirm that blank password, hit Enter again.

After that, you should never see the logon screen again.
thank you very much.going into setting and doing what you said fixed the problem. I still don't know why it started doing that.I've reloaded win.98 in this computer many times after crashes and never run into that kind of problem before. of course every time I loaded 98 in again it does something different every time. thanks again,Ron
Glad to help.
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