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WIN98 wont Boot up

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I was running widows XP on my PC and was having problems with my PC locking up while gaming. I had previously ran 98SE withall the same Hardware with no probs. I formated 98SE and Clean installed XP. Now im trying to Reinstall Win98SE I didnt have a boot disk so I took my HDD and formatted it in my GF's PC I took a win 98se CD (not bootable)and copied its contents over to my HDD. The hdd is clean with one folder on it called WIN98. I took my hdd and put it back in my PC. Upon Boot up i get ERROR NTLDR not found. Press Ctl+alt+del to restart. And continues doing that. So i looked up that error and The website said i needed a boot disk to get and A:\ and type SYS.C . I made a boot disk from a download. But my PC for some reason doesnt recognized my HDD and as a directory. Also i tried putting in the win98 CD and trying to boot from it. but the boot disk will not open the drive that Suppose to be the CDROM and run setup. what? BTW thanks for your help.
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HeHe Seems Ive stumped you all. =) Well ANY ideas would be welcomed.
You need a Windows 98 Boot disk (floppy)
Do you have one?
Do you have access to a Windows 98 machine to make one?

You can get one here

Set your BIOS/ setup program to boot from floppy first.
Insert Bootdisk
Start without CDROM support, type fdisk
after answering "yes" to enabling large drive support,
select the option to display non-dos partions( just to be sure XP didn't make one)

Then look at your DOS partitions and be sure you have a "C" and it's set as active.

If everything looks ok, exit fdisk, control/alt/delete to restart...

This time start with cdrom support , and you should be able to switch to your cdrom letter and type setup and install.
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