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win98 page fault hang ups

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Hi I'm using windows 98 and it keeps freezing on me. when I boot up I get a cpqdfwag caused an invalid page fault in module <unkown>. when I click to close I get Rundll32 caused an invalid page fault at module NewDotnet3_23.dll. After I close these the system will operate ok sometimes. Other times it hangs up mostly while trying to open Internet pages. When this happens I get a sccenter or explorer page fault message. Any help would be much appreciated....Thanks
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Hi ejc914,


First go to Start/run, and type Msconfig. Go to the startup tab, uncheck New.Net application, and click OK.
Now reboot, and the program will not load again with Windows, preventing the recurrence of your error message.

Now go to Software add/remove, and remove New.Net application there.

Don't attempt to remove the dll manually, because that may cause the loss of your internet connectivity.

More info:

Good luck,
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Welcome to TSG!
Looks as if you have spyware running on your system and is interfering with the startup. is a big culprit.
Download and run AdAware from abd allow it to remove all references except web3000 and
Both those have to be removed via the add/remove programs
in control panel.
Here is removal instructions.

To uninstall the application, please follow the steps below:

Click on Start.
Select Settings.
Click on Control Panel.
Double-click on the Add/Remove Programs icon.
Select the Application.
Click on the Add/Remove button.
Once the program has uninstalled, click on the OK button.

After completing all of these steps, please reboot the computer. This will have removed the application from your system.
The above steps will fully remove the plug-in. However, the Windows operating system will retain a record that the plug-in previously had been installed on your computer in "C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files." This file is harmless, but can be removed by following the steps below:

Click on Tools.
Click on Internet Options.
Under the General tab, click on the Settings button.
Within the Settings window, click on the View Objects button.
Within the Downloaded Program Files window, locate and delete Tldctl2c Class.
Close the Downloaded Program Files window.
Click on the OK button within the Settings window.
Click on the OK button within the Internet Options window.
Close Internet Explorer.

If you need futher guidance please ask.
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We posted at same time again. Sorry.

This is a forum!

Don't apologize.
Everyone is meant to post here.... :D
Hello, again. I downloaded adaware and got rid of all my refercences. I went to add/remove programs and clicked on New net applications. But whenever I try to delete it I get the same Rundll32 page fault Thanks for your help.
Did you first uncheck New.Net application in Msconfig/startup, click OK, and reboot, as I'd advised you to do?

Because if you do it like that, the program wil not start up, and won't be causing these errors.
Try it once more like I described.

After rebooting, try removing New.Net again in Add Remove.

If no joy, do this:

First, you will need to locate the ".dll" file that is on the computer. Do this by doing a search for "newdot*.*".

The file will be located in your "Windows" folder.
Once found, make note of
the actual filename which should look something like this:

Example: newdotnet2_90.dll

Close the Find or Search window then...

Click Start
Click Run

Copy and paste in the following line (adapting the name of the file, if required)

"rundll32 c:\windows\newdotnet2_90.dll,NewDotNetUninstall"

Click OK

You should then see a small window asking if you want to uninstall the application. Click Yes. Once this is done, restart your computer. This should keep the .dll from loading up at startup of your computer.
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