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Win98 network user name

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When I setup my Windows 98 machine I would always have my User Name and Domain name appear in the network login screen. I have had my user name and password changed but now I no longer have the new user name appear automatically in the User Name field of the network login box.

How can I make the new user name appear in the "User Name:" login field every time I boot my Win 98 machine and get to the network login screen?

Stuff I tried:
I already had the primary login = client for MS network setup. I did remove the MS client, rebooted, got the windows login and select cancel to that. Then I added MS Client back again in hopes that this might keep the user name after a second or third login. This didn't work.
Also, when I got the windows login it would not accept any password and therefor would not allow me to enter a new windows password.:confused:
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Tried deleting the password list file(s) in c:\windows (*.pwl) and rebooting?

You don't have TweakUI set to log you on automatically - do you?
Thanks for your help.

I did try deleting the *.pwl files. This did not work.:(

I do not use TeakUI and I understand it can help users login automatically at bootup but this is not what I want.
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