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win98 big trouble

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Can anyone help me I'm having all kinds of trouble with win98 ,i would like to go back to my old registry when windows was last working fine ,can you tell me how to do this ? thanks tony
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Hi Tony.

If you are sure that is what you want to do;

Click Start>Shut Down> Restart in MS-DOS Mode

At the prompt> type Scanreg /Restore

You will be given a list of dates that windows has backed up the registry, chose one that says Started, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move up or down the list. When you have got the one you want highlighted just press Enter.

Can I suggest you try running Scanreg /Fix first to see if that helps.

What problems are you having ?


P.S Welcome to the board.
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That will depend on whether you have a last good registry backup.

Boot to command prompt and typ ein scanreg /restore and hit enter. you will be given a list (more than likely 5 choices) to select from. These are last known Registry backups, and there will be dates associuated with them. Pick one that corresponds to before you were having the problems.

Be awrae that any software you installed, or updates you ran will be voided by doing this. It will not affect any documents or pictures you have saved.

Another option would be to explain what you are experiencing, and seeing if we can remedy the problems, instead of erasing them.
Good timing Amie!!!:D

BTW tony,

Hi Everyone.

I received this e-mail from Tony;

Hi Amie
Thanks for the Help,the problems are many ,what had happen is i went into my cmos and re set the settings to default and everything when nuts my display went to 600 and my icons got real big and i can't get it back to 800 where is belongs the computer wound restart to reset the display.i can't load anything from my d:/ it said the program file it needs to run audioCD is missing ,my A:/ won't read or load to it I restarted with my start-up disk but it won't read ,I went to sfc and there are many file that are missing and i can't restore them because it won't read my win98 CD and i also cant use my browser ,this is making me nuts can you help is there a way that i can extract these files from my windows/system/cabs thanks tony

I think he is going to need more help than I can give him, so have posted this back to the board, for assistance.

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