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A month ago m system got the Nimda virus.

I used Nortons to clean my system and as a precaution I went to Microsoft's IIS website and ran the IIS lockdown tool to set security settings correctly.

Now I'm finding any ASP scripts I run that have includes are causing IIS to lockup.

I hear a beep from the PC - there's no error popup and the page stops loading in the browser window. The system requires a reboot before I can get IIS working again.

I've installed the Win2K service pack 2, removed IIS and reinstalled it and checked my system totally for viruses (all clean) -yet I can't shake this problem.

The ultimate answer is to reinstall Win2k, but reinstalling all my applications means that this will take hours and hours.

Any suggestions? Are there registry settings, IIS settings or something else that I can fiddle with to get IIS behaving normally?


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