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win2K drivers for HP720C

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I'm trying to upgrade from 98SE to Win2K. Need drivers for
HP720c. Found site that has drivers for Me,NT4, and XP, but
none for Win2000. Help!
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I strongly suggest from my own experiences with HP... that you go to & get their drivers for their products as their computers etc are a propriety system.

Savvy :)

There are no drivers for Win2000.


Maybe Try the NT4 drivers or the XP?
or check 2k's driver database.
Did you try just installing it and letting windows use default drivers.

Or try to install from the original cd that came with the printer, I beleive that is what I did

Says hp710C version 10

I will have to think abit, don't remember downloading any new drivers for it when I installed.

try this one
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