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Hi -

I'm running Win2000 (Serv. Pack 4) on a Dell Dimension R450 (P II) and have successfully been using a USB audio device (from Xitel - it digitally connects my PC to my home theater) in any USB 1.1 slot for months. Recently, I bought an external WD hard drive and a USB flash memory card, both of which say they run under Win2000 using USB 2.0 ports, which I also have installed.

What is happening is that both the external USB drive and the flash memory card, AND the USB audio device are no longer being seen as Plug and Play. That is, when I plug any or all of these devices into the appropriate USB ports on my PC, instead of just seeing the drive letter show up in My Computer, or the USBAUDIO device listed in Control Panel/Sounds and Multimedia/Audio, I am getting the "Found new hardware wizard" window and subsequent dialogue to find a device driver.

Windows does appropriately say what the device type is, i.e. "external hard drive" or "usb audio", etc. but when I try to search for an appropriate driver (which, remember, it shouldn't even be doing at all since none of my 3 devices require me to find one), I'm not able to. Even when I select "specify a location" and enter C:\windows\system32\drivers. The audio device driver is (according to Xitel) simply "usbaudio.sys" and it's in that directory. But the "found new hardware wizard" fails to find it each time.

In device manager, each time I plug in one of these 3 devices, the device appears under "Unknown device" with the yellow question marks displayed. I ALways uninstall the device before rebooting or trying again, etc.

The audio device stopped working right around the time when I initially, by mistake, plugged the external hard drive (for USB 2.0 only) into a USB 1.1 port. Whether or not that caused some internal conflict, messed up my registry or some bios, etc., I have no idea. But that timing certainly had something to do with why and when I couldn't use that audio device anymore. I think!

If my problem(s) were limited only to my external hard drive and flash memory card (both requiring USB 2.0), that would be one thing to figure out. But because the audio device worked perfectly for so long in any old USB 1.1 slot, and now does not, the problem seems stranger to me.

Anyone have any suggestions?!?
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