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Win XP vs Memturbo....Whos lying?

881 Views 4 Replies 3 Participants Last post by  Boo_Compaq I have my paging file set to a constant 200 mb...Ive checked the actual file, and its sure enough, 200 mb. I load up memturbo, and it says i have 82% free of my page file at 923 mb....Any ideas? (and check my recycle bin error thing a little lower too..that needs some help :))

Here's a screen shot


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It can be any number of things. For example: Is it reading the free space as FAT32 or NTFS? Is this a purchased program or shareware? In the "older" days back in Win95 and 98 I used to set my pagefile as RAM wasn't cheap and the more speed the better. Can I ask, why do you feel you need to set the pagefile in XP? No matter how much RAM one has, Windows is going to page out and with today's big hardrives, restricting the page file doesn't seem necessary.
The reason i restrict my page file is if you don't windows will manage it, and it will eat up performance when it resizes the page file a lot. I realize that xp will page out some things no matter what, which is why i have a page file still. Restricting it to 200 mb will ensure that it doesnt eat up any resources it doesnt have to.

As for the is full version. Not sure about the fat32 vs ntfs issue though. Im just trying to make sure windows isnt lying to me and using up more space than i want it to.
Actually, I've never seen the swap space fragment or affect performance on either 2K or XP with sufficient real memory. I have between 512mb and 1gig on the systems here, and I let Windows manage the swap file. When I run the page defrag from Sysinternals, it always comes up with an unfragmented swap file.
I suppose its really more a matter of preference, but i prefer to keep it like this. With a gig of ram, i cant exactly go wrong :)

but thats not the issue....i just want to figure out if windows really has the page file at 200 assuming it is at 200 mb because ive checked pagefile.sys (as u can see in the screenshot), and sure enough, its 200 mb.

Well no worries if i cant figure this out...just a little annoying. Im more concerned about my recycle bin issue....check that out for me pleeease
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