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Win Nt migration to Win2K

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Hi there,

I've worked out most of kinks in this migration I have to do, but I am worried about one thing.

I got A domain ready to be migrated to domain B. I've done part of the migration awhile ago when I setup exchange 2k in domain B. I've done this by putting BDC into the domain A and unplugging it and promoting it to PDC and upgrading NT to Win2K and renaming the domain into B.

This worked great, there is 2 way trust relationship going on and users are for most part happy.

Now one thing I am worried about is.

If I move one of the Win2K member servers from domain A (and these servers are file servers with complex file permissions) into domain B using Win2k AD Migration tool from Microsoft. Will this move preserve these permissions and change them from \\A\user1 into \\B\user1 on the same file where user1 had rights?

Pfew now that is a loaded question. :)

If you have any info please let me know.


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