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Win Mediaplayer + CD

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Hello all,

I'm having a bit of trouble with mediaplayer.... It worked fine in the past but lately I cannot move back/forward when playing a movie from CD..... When I move the slider to the left or the right, the movie just starts over instead of starting where the slider is.... I only get this when I watch from CD, not when it's on my hard drive.....

I have winME and Mediaplayer9..... I did a 'check-up' with a program like aida32 (but it wasn't aida, it was something beginning with a 'b' but cannot remember the name) and I got a message that one update got an error... I installed that again, but that didn't fix anything.... :(

Any thoughts on what is causing this?

Thanks! :)
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You might like to read this site intended for troubleshooting Win Media Player problems :

I think in your post you were referring to Belarc Advisor - my copy lists all the Win Hotfixes that have been appplied. Not sure but if you can post some specifics, someone here may be able to make a more constructive suggestion.
Yes, Belarc! That's it... :)

Thanks for that mini FAQ, RSM123! :)
I read something about my problem I think....

A while back I had some problems with getting a game to run, and one of the options I had to try was to switch off DMA on my CD drive... That didn't help, so I switched it back on. But I remember getting an error message or something saying my drive wasn't up for DMA (or something like that :confused:)....

Could this be the cause of problem of not being able to skip when viewing a movie from CD?
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