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Win 98 troubleshooters

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I recently had a new video card installed and lost my solutions in the troubleshooters. I have read some of Mosaic1 messages about this problem, but got lost when started talking about rewriting registry entries and replacing missing files. Is there someone out there who can tell me what registry entries must be changed and what files should be replaced. I need a step by step walk through. There are no other problems with system. Just the solutions page of troubleshooters.

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Hi Jeepers,

Welcome to TSG!

I assume This is the Thread, you are refering to.

Backup the registry before attempting registry changes!

First backup the registry to the Desktop, just so you have that done before you start.

1. Read How to back up the Windows registry

Scroll down to Click an icon to either expand (+ ) or collapse (- ) each section.

Click the [+] by How to back up the entire registry

If you have problems backing up the registry, let us know.

Then do Step 2 below.

2. Click Start


Copy and Paste the command blow in bold into the box by Open.

regedit /e tshoot.txt HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\CLASSES\CLSID\{4B106874-DD36-11D0-8B44-00A024DD9EFF}

and press Enter

3. Find the tshoot.txt file on the desktop and Copy & Paste it here for now, so we can compare it with the text below in blue.


After you do the above, then someone will help walk you through the rest of Mosaic1's instructions.
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As long as you have the registry backed that is fine.

Try this to copy and paste.

Open the tshoot.txt file by double clicking on it.

Then click Edit

Select All (it should hi-light the text)

click Edit again

click Copy

and you should be able to paste it.
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Unless I missed something it looks like your registry keys are the same that Mosaic1 posted in the other thread.

Looks like it may be something else that is causing yours not to work.

Have you tried this that Mosaic1 posted?

Go to C:\windows\help and check to see that you have this file:

If you don't, you need it. It is the troubleshooters.

You can extract it from your install CD to C:\windows\help
using SFC. Here is a link with instructions on SFC.

(If you use a restore disk, the restore from location is
C:\windows\options\cabs and not the Cd Drive)
Sorry had to leave for work.

As per Mosaic1 instructions try this one first.

After all the advice and steps taken to resolve this problem, I think I have found the absolute easiest solution.
I renamed tshoot.ocx and also removed a couple registry keys. then I ran this test and it worked.

Here's the cure in one fell swoop.

If you have the cabs on the hard drive, you don't need to use the install CD. Otherwise, have the install CD in the Drive.

Find a file named tshoot.inf
It resides in C:\windows\inf

Right click on it and choose install from the menu. It will reinstall the Troubleshooters for you. Rewrite the registry entries correctly and replace any missing files. It takes only a second or two and is a sure way to know that everything is right for your version of the operating system.
Try this Thread Link that Rollin' Rog posted, and check for the killbit key that nickv_uk refers to in post #48.
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