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Win 98 troubleshooters

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I recently had a new video card installed and lost my solutions in the troubleshooters. I have read some of Mosaic1 messages about this problem, but got lost when started talking about rewriting registry entries and replacing missing files. Is there someone out there who can tell me what registry entries must be changed and what files should be replaced. I need a step by step walk through. There are no other problems with system. Just the solutions page of troubleshooters.

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Hi Virtual Me,
I have registry checker on win 98 which backs up registry, which I did. Is that enough, or should I do it differently? Also, I did the copy and paste to my desktop of the tshoot.txt file, but could not get it to paste to this message. I right click on txt file to copy and when I try to paste it here, the paste is grayed out. Is there something I am not doing?

@="Microsoft Local Troubleshooter"









[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\CLASSES\CLSID\{4B106874-DD36-11D0-8B44-00A024DD9EFF}\Implemented Categories]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\CLASSES\CLSID\{4B106874-DD36-11D0-8B44-00A024DD9EFF}\Implemented Categories\{7DD95801-9882-11CF-9FA9-00AA006C42C4}]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\CLASSES\CLSID\{4B106874-DD36-11D0-8B44-00A024DD9EFF}\Implemented Categories\{7DD95802-9882-11CF-9FA9-00AA006C42C4}]

Virtual Me, here is txt file you asked for.

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Virtual Me, here are the tshoot files in windows Help: Tsctl, Tshoot, Tshoot.ocx, Tshoot98, Tshoot98.chw.

In the windows. inf file: Tshoot, Tshoot.ocx, Tshoot98, Tshoot98
Both of the Tshoot98 files in Help and Inf shows a Dos name of Tshoot98.chm.

Is the same as you say I need?
Thank you Virtual Me. I will read the link. Thank you for your help. I guess if this doesn't work, I will take the computer to a fix-it place and see if they can fix it.
I deleted the key as instructed, but all it did was change the face of my desktop icons to the windows logo and did not restore the TS's. I restored my registry and am back to square one. I have windows 98, not SE. Oh well, appreciate your help anyway. The key mentioned was a bit different as where he has dword:00000400, mine was compatibility flags 0x00000000(0). Maybe that is why it didn't work. Possibly windows 98 and windows 98SE are different in that key.

I have been told to take off Internet Explorer and reload, then do a repair. Seems to be a fix for several problems. I will try that.
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