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Win 98 Sys Resource going wild.

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My resource meter changes from very low to normal high every few seconds. It eventually goes to low of like 10-15% and issues a warning that a fatal exception could occur. I try to delete a running program as it suggests but am not able to do that. System freezes and I have to shut off computer manually. I cannot get the start-shutdown function to work.

This all happens with in a few minutes to at the most a half hour after I have turned the computer on. Got any ideas as to what I might be able to do to fix this?

It's just the System Resource that gets so low.

Sincerely, David Tampien
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Can you drag the lower right corner down and over when it does this?
Download Hijack This

Unzip it into a permenant folder. Do not leave it in or put it in a TEMP folder, as this will not let it make backups in case something goes wrong.

Then click HijackThis.exe

Click Scan

The Scan Button changes to a Save Log button.

Click the Save Log button to create a file named Hijackthis.log.

A dialog box will pop up. Use it to select the location where you will save the log. (I save mine to desktop so it is easy to find)

Close the program.

Open the Log in Notepad.

Highlight the entire contents.

Copy and paste the contents of the HijackThis log into your post.


IF you get an error saying msvbvm60.dll is missing,
Download and run the MS visual basic 6.0 runtime files
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REALSCHED.EXE can be a resource hog. If you don't use it try to disable it.

Will work without this startup entry...

You need Hijack This in a permenant folder, before you try and fix some of the other things.
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