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Win 98 Sys Resource going wild.

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My resource meter changes from very low to normal high every few seconds. It eventually goes to low of like 10-15% and issues a warning that a fatal exception could occur. I try to delete a running program as it suggests but am not able to do that. System freezes and I have to shut off computer manually. I cannot get the start-shutdown function to work.

This all happens with in a few minutes to at the most a half hour after I have turned the computer on. Got any ideas as to what I might be able to do to fix this?

It's just the System Resource that gets so low.

Sincerely, David Tampien
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Here's another one>

O8 - Extra context menu item: Web Savings - file://C:\Program Files\WebSavingsfromEbates\System\Temp\ebateswebsavings_script0.

This is going to connect to your system and activate pop ups all the time, it is easily dragging your resources down,

Run Hijack, check it, then click fix,

This is your choice but I think it will help,
start / settings / control panel / add-remove-programs

In the list of programs, find WebSavings, and, or ebates money maker highlight, then select 'remove'

If it still remains, you'll have to dig it out>
Start / Run / Regedit <type

Navigate to this key by clicking the +sign for each successive folder, finally highlighting 'Run':


In the right pane, look for 'WebSavingsfromEbates' , right click, select DELETE,

Locate this folder and delete
C:\Program Files\WebSavingsfromEbates

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Hi Tampien,
Let me explain this better than I did before. You don't have to type > >

Web Savings - file://C:\Program Files\WebSavingsfromEbates\System\Temp\ebateswebsavings_script0.htm

anywhere, or into anything. You have to remove it from your Hijack This log, by doing that, the Hijack program will remove it from your system (the registry) automatically. Which also means you won't have to do the 'regedit' I suggested , , as Nighthawk points out it's the same thing as using 'Hijack'.

Even though you removed 'Real Player' you still should remove it's entrie in the Hijack This log.

1. Open your 'Hijack This' program, run it again, now look at the entry's it has listed. Locate these in the list

O8 - Extra context menu item: Web Savings - file://C:\Program Files\WebSavingsfromEbates\System\Temp\ebateswebsavings_script0.htm

O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [TkBellExe] "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe" -osboot

You will see a box to the left of all entry's, put a check in both of the above using your mouse. After they have been checked, click the FIX button, and they will be deleted from your registry.

After you fix the above, run Hijack again, and check to make sure they have been removed, post back any more concerns you have,

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Don't worry about 'safe mode', it's a very safe place to be and you exit it the same way you would in normal windows, just click on start / shutdown , go in to it and follow Nighthawks advice, I guarantee you will not have any complications because of it,

One thing, it will look like normal windows but without the high quality display, but everything else will work the same way . . . one other thing, when you go back to normal windows some of your desktop icons may be rearranged .....totally normal,


While your at this, do a search for these files on your system, and it's best to do this also while in safe mode;

Click start / find / find all files and folders
Now type in these one at a time, if you find them .....DELETE them,



Also find this folder>


Double click on 'My Computer' , the desktop icon,
then double click on C: ,
then double click ' Program Files'

Now look for a folder named WebSavingsfromEbates, when you find it, delete it

If you see these folders>

delete them too, actually they should be inside the other one, but check for them,

Remember to 'EMPTY' your recycle bin before you exit the safe mode,

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