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Win 98 SFC doesn't work!!!

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Windows 98 System file checker utility is supposed to look for damaged components in the operating system and repair or replace them - yes? My keyboard still won't recognise the F9 or print screen key, and I've run SFC loads of times to try and find out why. Keyboard stuff is a core part of any computer OS - it was written with one in the first place - and, as such, why can't the Microsoft Windows 98 System file checker locate and rectify the problem? It must be able to - surely!? We aren't talking about a programme that was installed long after the computer was already functioning - so the utility that is supposed to maintain all parts of the operating system should be able to rectify this one!

One for Bill Gates himself perhaps!!!
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All SFC is doing is comparing the "characteristics" of the files it is monitoring (think of it as a fingerprint), to a masterfile that contains the same list of files, and a copy of what the LAST characteristic (fingerprint) was.

If they are the same, all is well. It is not looking at the content of the files or attempting to figure out if anything is "broken".

As for your keyboard issue, does Windows recognize all of the rest of your keys? If so, then I would think you have a physical problem with the keyboard, such as stuck or sticky keys.

BTW SFC is a utiltiy that has to be run regularly. Specifically, after any installs or uninstalls. It is also a utility that can lead you to try and restore a damage file, when the file is not damaged in the first place. It must be used with care.
It could be a keyboard problem and that is not something SFC can detect. Also be very careful about using SFC in Win98 First Edition. If you don't know what you are doing you may just be replacing "updated" rather than corrupted files. And replacing some system files can be very hazardous.

I don't know what you expect of the f9 key, but when you press the print screen or alt+print screen you should get something showing in clipbrd (start>run> clipbrd.exe)

The problem could well be with the keyboard itself. Can you try another?
I tried another keyboard and the same thing happened. I've got a test utility which checks the down and up motion of the keys - all of which work fine accept the two mentioned above. I discovered the prob when playing a game which uses the F9 as an important part of the games process. I don't have a printer at the moment - which is just as well because I wonder whether the computer would be continually printing out the contents of the screen the moment I switch the thing on. Also - as the print screen key is in permanent down or pressed mode, does this mean that any potential hackers work is made easier, as it implies that the comp is continuously transmitting on screen activity in an indirect way through any print mechanism in the programming?
I may be mistaken, but I don't think either of those two keys "repeat" when held down. In any case nothing is transmitted that would be exploitable.

Have you tried removing the keyboard drivers via the Device Manager and letting Windows redetect and reinstall the drivers?

And have you tested the Print screen key using the clipbrd.exe application to verify whether anything is copied? You can make a shortcut to this for convenience. There should already be one in Programs > Accessories which can be copied elsewhere (right click > send to desktop as a shortcut)

You may need a windows cd or cab files in c:\windows\options\cabs to browse to when prompted.
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