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Win 2K Dual Processor Crashes

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I'm in desparate Help. I have for a whole year tried to get my system to work properly. It crashes,save dumps, freezes and just sometimes resets. I searched around and found several opinions on what to do tried them all from Microsoft,Anandtech and several others, they all had no answer.

I brought the system in to a computer service place and they seemed to fix some issues but they seem to have miss the IRQ conflicts. I'm here writing for any help hopefully one of you may have.

Here is the system:

Windows 2000 Professional (all updates)
Dual Processor AMD 1800 (times two)
ASUS A7M266-D MotherBoard (new bios)
Kingston 512MB DDR ECC RAM
ASUS V8170 DDR Geforce4 64mb
Seagate 7200RPM 80gb HD
Creative Audigy MP3
NetGear FA311 Ethernet

A-open CDRW 24x10x40
Creative CD-DVD 16X
All in a Dragon Case with correct power supply 400 Watts
fans on processors,fan in the back fan in the front fan on video card.

Ok for the Errors they usually come when I'm playing video games like Age of Mythology. Lots of Memory usage. This system should be able to handle it. It Resets all the freakin time. I have a list of events they are usually this one:
Save Dump
"The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x0000000a (0xffce8b80, 0x000000ff, 0x00000001, 0x80065376). Microsoft Windows 2000 [v15.2195]. A dump was saved in: C:\WINNT\Minidump\Mini121902-03.dmp."

Also the Directories and Browsers Windows will not show icons or images right away they stay invisible till i resize the window then they appear.

Please help. I am pretty decent with Web Design information so I can trade knowledge if possible.

Thanks a bunch Sincerely,

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Sucks cause I dont have a HP printer installed..
any other ideas Dan-O?
That problems I'm having occur when the computer is on. Sometimes it reboots right before windows loads.

I have heard I have to reinstall everything or just pull the other processor out and stick with one. Easier sad then done though

Seems like a waste to have a dual board with only one processor though.
Do both processors have the same stepping code? I know with Intel processors you need to match the stepping code or the clock cycles will be out of sync.
Stepping cycles?
I'm not sure about the AMD processors. I have two 1800 AMD Athlon.

How do I find that info?
AMD Athlon processor are not designed to be used in a Multiprocessor Environment. AMD Athlon MP processors are tested to run in Multiproceesing envirnments are should be used.
If this doesn't help, check your computer for faulty memory (, etc.
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