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will not turn on

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This has happened a couple of times in the past but only in the morning, when i go to turn on the computer it will do nothing- it looks like there is no power to it at all -no fans-no lights (even the power supply light is out ,only nothing, but if I wait a couple hours and then try it will turn on with no problems what so ever except the time will be wrong

I am on a HP 5284
win ME
288Mb of ram
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Might need a new battery.
i was thinking that it could be the battery because of the time but will a bad battery have those other symptoms
A slowly dying battery can but so can a power supply since there is no sign of power.
if the power supply is going bad would that cause the time to be off when it does turn on
No , I must have missed that... Thts a sure sigh of cmos battery. Good news is they only cost 2 or 3 bucks to replace.
thank you guys for replying to my questions so fast, I will go out tomorrow and buy one and pray that it works

thanks again

You should try to either take the current one with you or get the numbers from it as well.
If it is not resetting the cmos from bios each time you restart, it might not be the battery. A sure sign of a dead battery is that when you restart the computer, the message, "checksum defaults loaded" appears. Before I ran out to buy a battery, I would make some settings in cmos and see if they change back to defaults upon next reboot.
In my opinion, you are more likely having power supply problems or interrupt conflicts. A couple of things to try if you find the battery doesn't work would be 1. Check and reattatch all power cords in your computer to ensure good connections 2. Move your PCI cards around. 3. Check your cmos settings for advanced power management and see if any clues exist there (perhaps resetting configurations) 4.Try a different power supply.
One of the things that has me worried is that this is not happening all the time this has happened about 5 times in the last 9 months, about the bios, I have noticed that some things sometimes have gone back to default settings like the setting for my serial port it has changed from EPP back to the default but not always, the last 2 times that this has happened(Monday and Tuesday first time 2 days in a row today it was fine) the only thing that has changed has been the time.
It's still signs of a dying battery.
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