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Wifi Slow on One Device Only

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Windows 10, Dell inspiron 13 7000

Recently, my parents switched from Spectrum wifi to T-Mobile wifi and it's pretty slow on my computer, ranging from 1-5 mbps download speed and similar upload speed. The router is right by my room, and away from metal objects. In the same location as my computer, my phone is getting 50 mbps download speed [edit bc I forgot to connect my phone to the wifi lol and it's even faster than my first measurement], with 5 mbps upload speed. Other computers in the house (which are on a different floor and much further away) are getting good internet speeds.

What's interesting to me is that when I am in other public places, my wifi connection/speed there is completely fine. I only have this problem with this particular internet setup, and it doesn't matter where in the house my laptop is. I am currently not able to go to other locations in order to use the wifi because of the coronavirus, so I'm trying to figure out if I can just make my computer work better with the wifi in my house.

I've been going through other threads with similar issues trying things and I think I probably need to do some sort of safe boot-up with things turned off to see if that solves the problem (so I can try a few programs at a time and narrow it down to one causing a problem) but I can't figure out how to do this. I somehow got to a System Configuration window with a safe boot option but it says I have "Bitlocker Drive Encryption" enabled on my OS drive and that if I restart in safe mode I would have to provide a BitLocker recovery key or recovery password and I have no idea what that is. Then I went to disable BitLocker and got another scary message asking if I really wanted to proceed, and that it would take a long time, which makes me think maybe I'm doing this wrong.

So far the other things I've tried, based on threads dating back up to 10 years on this site: I turned off remote access connection in control panel > system and security > administrative tools > services, and in system configuration I disabled Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service. I also uninstalled my antivirus software (I think it was McAfee) that was being obnoxious and installed Avast, which didn't find any problems. Also, my computer does not have an ethernet port so I haven't been able to check to see if being plugged directly in would help.

May or may not be related, but I've also had problems with "system" clogging up my CPU/power usage and making my computer overheat and I have a theory that it coincides with the worst wifi disruptions.

I know I probably need to post more information about my computer/wifi setup but I'm not sure what to post. Thanks for the help!
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Make sure you have the latest Windows 10 wireless driver from Dell's web site.

What (brand and model) is your wireless adapter?
Wow! Last night I had clicked to check for updates on my driver and it said all up to date but that I should check Windows updates and I found a big update waiting to happen so I did that overnight and this morning my wifi speed is, for the first time with this internet provider, 54 mbps download speed and 9.25 upload! Hopefully this has fixed it for good.

And yeah my wireless adapter thing is a box by T-Mobile. I think this internet coverage is pretty new. But it seems to be working for me! Next I'll be troubleshooting my sister's computer which is having the same (and more) problem(s).
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