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WiFi but no Internet

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Hello there everyone;

So my HP laptop mostly works just fine, it starts up well & etc. My problem begins when I try to connect to the WiFi. It will say I’m connected but there is a little yellow warning sign (⚠) meaning that I am connect to the WiFi but there is no internet access. I tried the usual things like restarting my router and computer, I even went online on my cellphone where an article suggested I dump my IP address, but nothing worked. I even went to a friends house and connected to their WiFi to see if it was just mine causing the issue, but I had the same problem on their WiFi as well. I’m worried it might be that my driver is outdated, but I can’t connect to the internet to download an updated one and see if that helps. What do I do?

Any help/advice is Greatly appreciated!!

Thank you!
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You need to start the basics. Also I am assuming that you are running Windows 10...

When did it last work? and what has changed

If other devices in your house works then we know the internet is fine, I would check that the wifi is on the same Wifi network as your router. Without going to deep/technical there should be a option on your Wifi icon, Right click and start "Troubleshotting Problems" run that and see what happens.

If you can plug a network cable and check to see if you at least connect using that.
If you can connect successfully via ethernet you can download the latest correct wireless driver from HP's web site. Else download it with another computer and copy it using removable media.
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