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Wierd mouse problem

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I've got a logitech trackman marble I have been using for years and all of a sudden today the scroll wheel has reversed, I have to roll it forward to scroll down and backward to scroll up, any ideas on how to change it back ??

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try to use your internal mouse if on laptop

Heres what you should do

Start -> Control Panel -> Hardware & Sound -> Devices and printers
right click on the mouse it should have a yellow triangle encasing a exclamation mark
click trouble shoot and follow the setup
It shows everything working properly.
I didnt realize that you had a marble usb mouse
1.Flip it to its back
2.Turn the circle around the marble in a way to open it
3.Re adjust the marble the one i had , had a black dot for the scanner so you can reset
4. put it back and and it should be good as knew
although i recommend you to buy a digital wired one
digital because the marbled ones are much more problem-matic, heavy, and can break easier
wired because wireless ones tend to have problems with Toshiba laptops and are rising in problems with win8

Btw if this was fixed please click the solved button so people can look at this for future references
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