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Which Web language should I use?

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I'm starting to make a website for myself and I was wondering what is the best language to use is. I'm not a novice to computer programming, but am alittle new to adavanced web programming. I know HTML, and want to build off of that. I'm going to be using MYSQL for some database stuff. I'm thinking about either PHP, CGI, or Perl... but I don't know. Any advice would be much appreciated.
FYI: I'm going to be hosting this from my house, with Apache 2.0. So, if you could, please tell me how to load the perfect language(s) into apache would be great... or just give me a tutorial online.
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They all have their pros and cons.

Put simply, you should probably get started with php. PHP is probably the easiest and very much c++ like.

However, you should also install perl and python.

Figure out something in php, then do the same in python and perl. Then you decide.

Definitely consider python . The syntax and structure is pretty cool.

You can use them all with cgi.
Assuming you are running windows..


Download ActivePerl 5.8.3 build 809 msi installer.

once downloaded, right-click on it and click install.

install to c:\usr

When the installation is done, perl.exe should be in c:\usr\bin

Then goto and download the python windows installer.

install to c:\usr\bin

When the install is done, python.exe should be in c:\usr\bin

Then in your apache cgi-bin directory you can put


print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";

print "Hello World!\n";



print "Content-type: text/html\n\n"

print "Hello World!\n"

If you get that far, then we can instruct on how make the scripts work in the htdocs dir.
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