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Hi, I apologize in advance if this is a repeat topic, but I cannot find the answer I am looking for.

I have recently been asked to re-install windows on a Laptop that a friend of mine bought off ebay, it came pre-installed with Windows XP (he didn't say which version-but I'm hoping it was the original) but he had a problem and formatted it before he realised he didn't have the disk to re-install from. This is where I come in.

This Laptop has a Windows CoA on the bottom so I had hoped to install the same version of Windows as it was shipped with, But I don't know which version I need.

I have contacted the vendor RM plc (a specialist company that provide computers to schools and students) but they claim the machine is out of warranty and refuse to help

Anyway the CoA has the following info (obviously I'm not going to type the real Product Key here but everything else is accurate)

so anyway, as you look at the sticker, you see the following information...

Windows XP Professional 1-2 CPU
[barcode] OFZ-633
Product Key: ?????-?????-?????-?????-?????

Also rotated 90 degrees and on the left hand edge of the sticker is...

The Problem I am having is that of the copies of XP Pro that I have, both are Volume Licence, one 32 and one 64 bit,
the 64bit won't even load as the cpu is an intel P4 mobile 1.9GHz
and the 32bit gets as far as asking for the Product Key but won't accept it.
I have read that you can change the Pid in setupp.ini but am in the dark as to what to change it to, have tried a couple of the OEM codes floating around on the interweb, but with no joy.
Can anyone identify which version of XP Pro (or Pid) I need to install
thanks in advance
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